Dr.Ayubu J Churi

All about me:

I am Ayubu J. Churi, Senior Lecturer at Sokoine University of Agriculture. Visiting my page you will get to know more about me, what I teach in this University and outside, What kind of publications I have made so far, What about research and consultancy activities and not forgetting my contact information. I am currently Director of Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) - SUA.

   You can contact me through different methods:

   Email: ayubu.churi {at} sua.ac.tz;  churij {at} gmail.com;  churij {at} yahoo.com;    Phone: +255 (0) 625 116 179; skype: ayubu.churi   Office No.: 209 Administration Block, SUA - Main campus;  Office Phone Extension No.: 2118

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