Course description

This course introduces basic mathematics to the students. It lays foundation for further mathematics and its applications in the course. It helps the student bridge ordinary school mathematics to the mathematics required at Certificate level.

Course learning outcomes

At the end of the course candidates should be able to: -

  • Use mathematical concept in other courses.
  • Apply different mathematical principles to solve Problems
  • Derive mathematical formulas.
  • Compute various mathematical equations

Course contents:

  1. Number System: binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal numeral system and their conversion. Also natural, whole, even, odd, integer, rational, irrational, real and complex numbers [~~~ Notes ~~~]
  2. Whole numbers: Prime factorization, Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and BODMAS [~~~ Notes ~~~]
  3. Fractions, decimals and percentages: fractions, decimal, place value, rounding off, percentages, ratios, their operations and conversions, LCM and GCF [~~~ Notes ~~~]
  4. Algebra: linear expression and equation, linear inequality, linear equation, system of two linear equations, simultaneous equation, quadratic expression and equation, polynomials and their operations [~~~ Notes ~~~]
  5. Exponents, logarithms and radicals: Exponential form, radical form, Reciprocal of Integer Exponents, rules of exponents, Power Equations, Rational Exponents, operation on radicals [~~~ Notes ~~~]
  6. Geometry: Area, perimeter, circumference, surface area and volume. Perimeter of a regular Polygon, Area of a regular polygon, Area of Similar Polygons [~~~ Notes ~~~]
  7. Functions: linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphical representation slope and intercepts [~~~ Notes ~~~]
  8. Matrices: Arrangement of Number in Rows and Columns, Addition and Subtraction of Matrices, Scalar Multiplication of Matrices, Determinant of Matrix, Inverses of Matrices, Use of Matrices in solving simultaneous Equations [~~~ Notes ~~~]


Required Readings

Tanzania Institute of Education (2010). Secondary Basic mathematics Book one

Tanzania Institute of Education (2010). Secondary Basic mathematics Book two

Tanzania Institute of Education (2010). Secondary Basic mathematics Book three

Tanzania Institute of Education (2010). Secondary Basic mathematics Book four