i. Logistics coordinator and Member of technical implementation team, Enhancement of Sokoine university of Agriculture’s (SUA) capacity in utilizing Information and Communication Technology,(ESUA-CICT Project) Funded by USAID (2014-2017).

ii. Successfully supervised and coordinated the activities for implementation of power backup at both SUA main campus and Mazimbu for uninterrupted power supply(2014-2017)

iii. Successfully planned, supervised, coordinated and participated in the renovation of computer laboratories at SUA for improving learning and research environment for both staff and students (2014-2017). Five computer labs well equipped and functioning.

iv. Successfully planned, supervised and coordinated establishment of video conference at SUA for improving learning environments (2014-2017). Two (2) video conference (one at SMC and another one at Main campus) well equipped and functioning. 

v. Successfully planned, coordinated and participated in feasibility study, analysis and re-design of the Proposed Local Area Network (LAN) for SUA (2011 -2015). The proposed design which is fault tolerance implemented under ESUA-CICT project (2014-2017). 

vi. Successfully planned, supervised, coordinated and participated in the implementation of SUA corporate email to improve reliability and availability of SUA email accounts(2015-2016)

vii. Successfully supervised and coordinate technical activities for installation of  Role Model UTP Cat.6 campus networks to both campuses(2014 – 2017)

viii. Successfully supervised and coordinate technical activities for installation and configuration of the fiber networking to both campuses(2014-2017)

ix. Successfully planned, supervise and coordinated establishment of recovery room for protection of data and proper management of data backup(2014-2017)

x. Successfully supervised and participated on the implementation of user inquiry(help desk) support system for enhancement of ICT support provision at SUA (2014-2016)

xi. Successfully planned and coordinated the team for the development of Electronic Document Management System(EDMS) requirement specification and documentation, 2015 & 2016

xii. Successfully coordinated the task force for the development of Health Information system requirement specification and documentation for SUA hospital, 2015 & 2016.

xiii. Researcher, Mobile-Based Systems for Cost-Effective E-Learning Contents Delivery in Resource and Bandwidth Constrained Learning Environments: A case of higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania, Funded by COSTECH (2012-2014)

xiv. Trainer, E-Readers project for Enhancing teaching and learning: A case of Nganana and Nambala Primary Schools, Funded by Worldreader and NM-AIST (2012 – 2013)

xv. Member, System requirement specification team for Sokoine University of Agriculture Student Information System (SUASIS), from 2012 – 2015.

xvi. Successsfully participated in the design and implementation of Examination Results Release Information System (ERRIS) at Sokoine University of Agriculture in 2012.

xvii. Final year Research project: Improving record management by  Introducing a computerized information system, A case study of Kihonda children Ministry Centre, (2011)