SUASIS is an acronym for SUA Student Information System. With this system student records are kept in a central location and accessed over the LAN and through the web. Academic records are entered, automatically computed, stored and can be retrieved with ease. SUASIS replaces an old system that was slow, fragmented and prone to error introduction. Although some information can be edited by the student, most of it can only be changed by staff. Even such staff can only enter or edit information that they are specifically allowed to edit. All staff with access to this system have access codes that restrict them form modules they are not responsible for.  In other words, the modular structure of the system puts staff into compartments. Students need to know the nature of any problems they face so that they know who to seek help from. Issues related to examinations, accounts, admission and accommodation are dealt with by different staff. SUASIS has increased efficiency on the part of staff and changed the way we serve students. It is expected that after the first cycle students will get their results early, get their transcripts earlier, with minimum follow-up and less errors.
The system was conceived to serve the student and so we expect students to support our effort in ensuring all information is correct. Certainly students cannot participate in the creation and entering of some data. However, where information is visible in the students account, it is a student’s responsibility to report any discrepancy. Failure to do so may result into delays in service at a later time or cause extra cost in re-processing of corrected documents. Where a student has to input some information it is important to heed. Some information may seem trivial but the people who conceived the appearance of a student’s profile know what that information will be needed at some point in some form. And since students do not know the time such information will be needed it is important to complete the profile early and keep updating records every time there is change. Most important, students should inspect all elements of their account, learn to interact with the system and regularly check if there are any new issues. We hope you will enjoy this service, and please do your share to help us serve you better.