As a rule, students are supposed to register for courses they wish to study in every semester. This helps to plan teaching activities and appropriately deploy resources. We need to know how many students will study subject X so that we can allocate a classroom with the capacity for the number. We would want to know also if such an arrangement is possible or alternatively break the class into two and allocate two instructors or make time separation to allow the instructor teach the two sub-groups at different times. Without course registration these scenarios are impossible to explore and make a usable teaching timetable.
The registration window is restricted to two weeks after commencement of the semester. Students may wonder why this restriction. If registration is left open many other problems would crop up and complicate teaching and progress of students. During the registration period students are free to de-register from courses and pick new ones. An over-extended registration window would lead to two problems to the student: deregistration after some assessments have been done, in which case a student would appear to have absconded in subsequent assessments in that course. The second problem is registering into a new course after assessments have been done, with the same consequence as in the first problem. There are obviously other problems to other parties that are not mentioned here.
Course registration is supposed to start before students leave campus the previous semester in order to facilitate timetabling. Only late registration should stretch to the second week of the semester. In practice course registration has been tolerated after the commencement of the semester due to issues related to payment of fees. Students who have no fee issues are encouraged to register early.
The procedure for registration must be correctly followed. At the first Registration window students MUST click the NEXT button to access the tables with courses. Then one has to check boxes against elective courses they wish to take. The last step is to click the REGISTER button. This necessary even for students do not need to take elective courses.
Once you have registered go back to the initial course registration window and view registered courses. Remember the rule for taking electives is to make-up for any deficit in credits allocated to core courses and meet the minimum requirement for a semester. Your interest in improving your learning experience and acquiring certain skills are important too.