The photograph required for uploading is a portrait that is cropped to leave the face alone. This photo is required for inclusion in your vital documents, including your Student ID, Partial transcript and Final transcript.

Avoid using a full-body photo or a portrait that extends to the chest. A photo for these documents should match standards for any ID photo such as those internationally demanded for passports or similar documents.

Remember also that a transcript is a lasting document that cannot be changed once it is issued. To take such photos use a professional photo shop or a dedicated camera rather than a cheap phone. Face the camera and make sure the entire face is visible, including ears. Crop the photo to leave a small margin around the chin, ears and above the head. Stretching the photo to increase size should be done using corners to avoid distortion. When ready upload the photo.

If there should be reason to update your photo do so by simply uploading a new one the same way you uploaded the first one. Make sure that you correct any previous mistakes when you upload a new photo.

Your photo, just like all information on your profile, is visible to those who process your documents immediately after uploading.  Staff don’t have time to edit your photo, so make sure it is ready for use as uploaded.